Sunday, 29 September 2013


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I'm Back!

Well....I am back!  I wasn't sure I ever would be, but with a new school year under way, I thought, why not??? So I've decided to give blogging another try.

Here goes:

When students first come in in the morning, I have 15 minutes that I call Books and Puzzles time.  Parents are encouraged to stay with their children and help them with the various tasks I have placed out on the table.  Some of the things I have put out are: sorting bins, books, puzzles, beading, lacing cards, pattern blocks and geo boards.  As the year progresses I change this to sight word practice and morning writes.
Each morning students practice their names with a daily sign in sheet.  I am loving it!  Students (and parents!) are quickly learning that you only have ONE capital letter in your name.

They also check in on our smart board.  Each day they do their attendance in an interactive way that helps them practice (among other things) name recognition.  The students love racing in each morning to see what is going to be up on the smartboard!  The parents think it is pretty cool too.
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Some days I have a graphing question up relating to things that we have been learning about.  We then look at and interpret the data that we have gathered.  There is so much great math work that goes on with this attendance!  This file is also $4.50.  Click on the picture to head to my store.

How do you do attendance in the morning?  I would love to hear from you!
Take care,