Sunday, 20 January 2013

Technology in the Classroom

So, as I type the post title, I'm thinking to myself:  I really have to get better at remembering to take photos of the kids doing all of our great activities...hmmmm.....I guess I have a ways to go with technology in the classroom!
Our school (until 2 years ago) has been in the dark ages when it comes to technology.  We only had one smartboard in the entire school, no IPads, a computer lab that worked only sometimes and only 1 or 2 computers in each classroom...SAD!!
Now, because of our WONDERFUL, AMAZING parent advisory council, in the past two years we have managed to get a smartboard in every classroom, have purchased a class set of cameras and 5 Ipads....Not bad considering the PAC had to pay for every single piece (and installation) themselves!

So it is all a bit new to me, but this is what we are doing:
Each morning I do learning stations: (basically math and language arts centers)  Sometimes we use the smartboard for one of the stations.  Last week kids had to sort pictures by initial sound.  They LOVED it.  I love when they can work independently and be successful at it!  Gotta love self-correcting activities!

We have also started taking photos with our big buddy class and uploading them onto the site Kidblog.  Do you know about that is fabulous!  Talk about writing for an authentic purpose....real people read their blogs and make comments on it....the kids are amazed!  The big buddies helped my Kindies upload their pictures.  Then the little buddies dictated sentences to the big buddies about their photos.  Everyone was so engaged and both groups were learning.
There were so many great photos taken.

"Our ice castle is very pretty. The  sparkles are so pretty too. The ice castle has so many different colours. I like the colour pink with sparkles the best."
"Elyssa's Masterpiece: A green leafy hill.  There are yellow, orange and red leaves on the trees."
"I like the rock because there is a lot of moss on it and the rock is huge!"

This was our first attempt at it, and I think it went pretty well. Kidblog is should totally check it out!
That is just a couple of  ways we are using technology in the classroom.  What ways are you finding to use it in the classroom?  I would love to hear!

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