Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring...and my new Plant unit!

Thank goodness Spring is here!  I love winter and all, but I am so happy to move on.  Spring is definitely my favourite season.  The freshness of the air and all of the new life and growth make it special.  After being cooped up indoors so much over the winter it is nice to get outside and enjoy nature!

With thoughts (and dreams!) of Spring arriving, I have been working hard on a new unit about Plants and it is finally done!
It is my biggest unit yet: 73 pages full of 17 different experiments, activities and smartboard files that are differentiated to meet all of the learning needs of my students. 

The unit takes a closer look at soil, seeds and plants and lets the kids get a bit dirty, have fun and learn all at the same time...what could be better than that?!?
Click on the unit cover to head to my store to check it out!
Have a great Easter long weekend,

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